Experiences of Supervision:  (University of Dhaka)

(i)  B.Sc. Honours Project:

  • Title: Numerical Solution of Non-linear Boundary Value Problem, 2006-07. (Number of Students: 3)

  • Title: Asymptotic and Perturbation Analysis for Obtaining  Approximate Analytical Solution to Differential Equation, 2007-08. (Number of Students: 3)

  • Title: Numerical Solution of One and Two Dimensional Heat Conduction Equation using Control Volume Method, 2008-09. Name of the students: A. Kajol Chandra Saha (session: 2008-09), B. Md. Abdul Qayum (session: 2008-09), C. Md. Ramjan Ali (session: 2008-09).

  • Title: Life and works of some mathematicians: An analytical overview, 2009-10. Name of the students: A. Mohit Ahsan Khan (session: 2008-09), B. Nandita Hira (session: 2009-10), C. Udoy Sankar Basak (session: 2009-10), D. N.I. Raihan (session: 2009-10).

  • Title: Introduction of complex analysis using Mathematica, 2014-15. Name of the students: A. Mohiuddin Babar (session: 2011-12), B. Raisa Tasnim Hyder (session: 2011-12), C. Rezaul Islam (session: 2010-11), D. Md. Toufikul Islam (session: 2011-12).

  • Title: A new approach to investigate a new approximate values of Pi, 2015-16. Name of the students: A. Misu Rani Majumder (session: 2012-13), B. Kazi Souda  (session: 2012-13), C. Zainal Abedin Joy  (session: 2011-12), D. M kamruj Jaman  (session: 2012-13).

  • Title: Finite Difference Approximations of Partial Differential Equations and their Consistency and Stability Analysis, 2017-18. Name of the students: A. Md. Nahid Hasan (session: 2013-14), B. Md. Rakib Hasan (session: 2014-15), C. Md. Mamun Khan (session: 2013-14).


Experiences of Supervision:  (Jagannath University)

(i)  M.A. Thesis: