Ph.D. Thesis entitled “Heat Transfer Performance Investigation of Nanofluids Flow in Pipe (Transition to Turbulent flow regime)”, under supervision of Dr. Manosh C. Paul, University of Glasgow, UK.

M.S. Thesis entitled “Numerical Methods for the Solution of Fourth Order Non-homogeneous Beam-Column Equation”, under supervision of Professor Mrs. Sajeda Banu, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Courses completed: (a) Real Function Theory (b) Complex Function Theory (c) Dynamical Systems (d) Methods of Solving Differential Equations.

B.Sc. Project entitled “A Short Study of Galois Theory”, under supervision of Professor Dr. Md. Tazibar Rahman, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Major courses Completed: (a) Analytic and Vector Geometry, (b) Calculus I, II, III, IV. (c) Linear Algebra I, II, (d) Computer Programming, (e) Real Analysis I, II, (f) Complex Analysis I, II, (g) Numerical Analysis I, II, (h) Abstract Algebra, (i) Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation, (j) Topology and Functional Analysis, (k) Linear Programming, (l) Fuzzy Mathematics, (m) Hydrodynamics, (n) Tensor Analysis, (o) Discrete Mathematics, (p) Math Modeling in Biology, (q) Differential Geometry, (r) Theory of Numbers, (s) Axiomatic Geometry etc.


M.Ed.: Major Courses: Foundations of Curriculum; Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry; Training Evaluation; Anti-Oppression Education; Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners; Mentoring as Learning; Academic Writing for Language and Literacies Educators; Holistic Approaches to Information Technology; Gender Equity in the Classroom; Language Teacher Education; Educational Sociolinguistics.

M.A.: Major Courses completed: Phonetics and Phonology; Morphology and Syntax; Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics; Testing; Curriculum and Material Design; Teacher Education and Research Methodology.    

B.A.: Major courses Completed: Second Language Acquisition (SLA); Introduction to Sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics; Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology; ELT (English Language Teaching); Structure of English; Eastern Thought; English History; 16th and 17th Century Literature; Restoration and 18th Century Literature; 19th Century Literature; Introduction to Linguistics; Advanced Reading Strategies and Writing; History of Western Ideas; European History Highlights; The Romantic Poets; Introduction to Drama; Introduction to Prose; Introduction to Poetry; Critical Appreciation: Rhetoric and Prosody, Foundation Course: Bengali; Foundation Course: English.